There are a few allotments plots available on the Yew Tree and Ridgewaye sites. If you are interested contact the Office on 01892 529176.  

The Town Council has invested a lot of money in recent years in the cleaning and tidying of  both sites, which has been met with approval by the plot holders. Allotment plots are available to rent by residents of Southborough and High Brooms only. At present there is no waiting list for an allotment plot, so if you feel you have the time and energy to take on a plot, hunt out your wellies and contact the office. We have recently introduced some smaller plots, which we are calling starter plots. They are only 2.5 rods approximately, and are for those who don’t wish to commit to a larger plot straight away.  However please be aware that if you wish a larger plot in the future, you will need to give up the starter plot and move to a vacant plot from the list. The current fee for an allotment is £5.67 per rod. and there may be 2.5, 5 and 10 rod plots available. The fee will increase to £5.84 per rod from 1 April 2019. All plot holders are able to borrow books and dvd’s from the Council relating to this popular past time, free of charge. There are also some interesting links below. If  you require any further details then please contact the Office on 01892 529176 or email