Finance and General Purposes Committee

Minutes are in draft form until approved by Full Council   v 22 October 2020 agenda minutes v 17 September 2020 agenda minutes v 23 July 2020 agenda minutes v 18 June 2020 agenda minutes XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX 20 April 2017 agenda minutes 23 March 2017 agenda minutes 16 February 2017 agenda minutes 19 January […]

Southborough Hub Sub Committee

All minutes are in draft form until approved by Full Council, when amendments could be made.    05 February 2014 Agenda      Minutes       16 January 2014 Agenda Minutes  

Town Meetings

Town Meeting 4th December 2018 Agenda Minutes Motion Letter to Hub Board 5th December 2018 Letter to Hub Board 11th December 2018   Annual Town Meeting 02 April 2019 agenda minutes 17 April 2018 agenda minutes 25 April 2017 agenda minutes 19 April 2016 agenda minutes 14 April 2015 agenda minutes 8 April 2014 agenda […]

Parks and Cemeteries Committee

This committee has now been merged with the Finance and General Purposes Committee – there will be no further minutes posted here.     13 April 2017 agenda minutes 16 March 2017 Meeting Cancelled   09 February 2017 agenda minutes 12 January 2017 Meeting cancelled 8 December 2016 Meeting cancelled 10 November 2016 agenda minutes 13 […]

Full Council

  V 29 October 2020 agenda minutes EO V 8 October 2020 agenda minutes V 24 September 2020 agenda minutes V 30 July 2020 agenda minutes EO V 15 July 2020 agenda minutes V 25 June 2020 agenda minutes EO V 11 June 2020 agenda minutes 27 February 2020 agenda minutes EO 19 February 2020 […]

Planning and Transportation Committee

 All minutes are in draft form until approved by Full Council, where corrections could be made   Virtual 5 October 20 agenda minutes Virtual 7 September 20 agenda minutes Virtual 3 August 20 agenda minutes Virtual 13 July 20 agenda minutes Virtual 15 June 20 agenda minutes Virtual 18 May 20 agenda minutes 02 March […]

The Plain English Guide to the Planning System

A newly-published document, a ‘Plain English Guide to the Planning System’, provided by the Department for Communities and Local Government. Visit Site

Gallards Almshouses

C J Gallard’s Almshouses is a registered charity providing accommodation for residents of the Borough of Tunbridge Wells who are over 55 and of limited means; priority is given to applicants from Southborough. There are 26 self-contained flats in the heart of Southborough, situated on the corner of London Road and Yew Tree Road. Facilities […]

Southborough and High Brooms Town Guide

The new town guide has recently been delivered to all homes in Southborough and High Brooms, but if you wish to see the online version, please click the heading above. Visit Site