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Southborough Hub Update 28th March 2019


The Southborough Hub project has been successful in meeting the critical dates for the NHS ETTF grant deadlines and the project is pleased to announce that the NHS ETTF board have voted in favour of funding the entire GP surgery. This completes the final major funding element of the project with funds being drawn down after the 1st April 2019 in the form of a one-off payment to KCC.

Football Pavilion.

STC and TWYFC have negotiated the terms of a lease for the use of the football pavilion. However in order to assist the TWYFC in settling in we are proposing a tiered approach to their rent over the first few years and they continue to support the project. The lease for the football pavilion will be subject to a review after five years and TWYFC will also be liable for their ongoing pitch fees. The Tunbridge Wells Youth Football Club continue to raise funds for the scheme to cover internal furnishings and are making good progress towards achieving their goals.


Tunbridge Wells planners indicated that they are against the Southborough Hub being of brick as they believe such a large building in one material will give it a monolithic appearance and have therefore recommended that we use three different colored claddings to distinguish the three main parts of the Southborough Hub.

Three examples of the proposed cladding were shown to Cllrs in March which will be used to separately identify the three main areas of the Southborough Hub building.

  • Red terracotta rain screen for the Civic area,
  • Brown/Grey for the Medical Centre, and
  • Zinc shingles for the large community hall/theatre.

The cost of the above cladding is included within the budget.

There is a cost difference between the different grades or qualities of cladding and additional funds would have to be found by STC if STC wanted to upgrade this element but this is still possible at this time.

Solar Panels

STC are considering the placement of an additional c154solar panels on the roof of the Hub. The cost of the 69 solar panels to meet the building regulations have already been allowed for within the current budget and this would be an extra investment by STC should they do so. Given the return to STC and the environmental benefits of installing the extra units STC are considering this option at a meeting in April.

Remaining – 137 London road building

This building will be vacated by the STC Groundsmen shortly and then demolished.  A date for this has not yet been agreed.

Levelling of the Football Pitches

The contractor continues to monitor the re levelled playing fields, particularly the flow of water off the fields, and down the twitten to the drains in Pennington Place.  As previously reported the contractor has advised that we should wait for a season’s growth before reacting to the recent run off issues and we continue to monitor this closely.

Furniture fit

Kent County Council has developed some indicative designs for the Southborough Hub furniture fit out. The furniture fit out has been discussed at the Southborough Hub Working Group meeting on the 5th March 2019, and a copy has been sent to STC Councilors with feedback welcome. A copy of the proposed designs can be seen on the STC website.


Revenue costs to date suggest that with the GP surgery now looking secure the revenue costs to STC of the development are cost neutral. Visits are being done to various locations to look at the best way of delivering the facility with a proposal for a business development manager looking like the best way forward at this time.

STC will generate income from the following aspects of the Southborough Hub:

  • STC Civic Centre – income generated from the hiring out of the hall/theatre, community and meeting rooms.
  • Medical Centre – an ongoing financial contribution based on a depreciation charge, a service charge and sinking fund charge. A lease would be payable following the initial lease period.  
  • Library – a peppercorn lease covering their charges with service charge payable to STC.
  • Retail – subject to a development starting on site prospective clients are willing to start to incur legal fees in negotiating a position that would pay a lease and service charge.
  • Football Pavilion – a lease with the Tunbridge Wells Youth Football Club, plus other services including a fee for the use of the football fields.


The Southborough Hub information leaflet has been completed and been approved by the Southborough Hub Board, but awaits the end of Purdah before it can be sent out.

Next steps

Following STC approval of the legal agreements in March 2019, the next stage will see Baxall submit final figures on the 1 April 2019, this will then be followed by the Southborough Hub Board approval on the 18th April 2019 and then to the KCC – ICB for the final sign off on the 30th April. It is after this that KCC can then enter into contract with Baxall Construction, with work seeking to commence on site in the Summer of 2019.

Crest Nicholson for housing development.

Work on the Crest Nicholson development is progressing well, and a show flat and commercial unit in Block “A” are now available to be viewed by potential purchasers and retailers.

Work on the extension of the Yew Tree Road carpark, utilities for the Hub and spine road are progressing well.

Jonathan White
07988 375334

2nd Floor Invicta House
ME14 1XX


Following the Consultation on the development of the Southborough Hub, the results were analysed by an independent Company.

To view their report, please click on the link. Southborough Hub Consultation Report

Equality Impact Assessment

To see the latest update click the link.


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