Facts and Figures

Area of Town 1,760 acres
Population 12,330 (census 2015)

Total Electorate as at 1 April 2017 = 8424

There are 18 Members of the Council made up of                   

11    Conservative         
6      Labour
1      Liberal Democrat


East Ward – Number of electorate = 2,995

Cllr Robert Backhouse
Cllr Dianne Hill
Cllr Nasir Jamil
Cllr Alain Lewis
Cllr Alex Lewis-Grey
Cllr Zulhash Uddin

North Ward – Number of electorate = 3,163

Cllr Sheridan Bowie
Cllr John Eldridge
Cllr David Elliott
Cllr Ian Kinghorn
Cllr Mrs Leah Markwell
Cllr Peter Oakford
Cllr Trevor Poile
West Ward – Number of electorate = 2,266
Cllr Nicholas Blackwell
Cllr Fiona Brown
Cllr Graham Munn
Cllr Jason Reeves

High Brooms Ward

Southborough West Ward

Southborough North Ward